Zhiqiu Kong

Master Candidate 2010

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Lab
Department of Computer Science & Technology
Tsinghua University, China

Addr: 13# 101, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R China, 100084
Tel: (86) 138-1199-3129
Email: breaddawson AT gmail.com

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Short Bio:

I'm now a Master Candidate in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Lab, Department of Computer Science & Technology, Tsinghua University, China. My supervisor is Prof. Jinian Bian and my research interest include Formal Verification, Testing, Random Stimulus Generation, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, etc. I graduated with Bachelor Eng. degree from Computer Science & Technology Department in North China Electric Power University (NCEPU).

Research Interests:

Formal Verification, Testing, Random Stimulus Generation, SAT & SMT Solving, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, etc.

Research Experiences:

  • 2009.12-present: Mutation-based diagnostic test generation
    • Test patterns are generated for accurate diagnosis
    • Mutation analysis is adopted as underlying theory foundation
    • SMT solver is adopted for test pattern generation process

  • 2008.10-2009.11: Functionality Verification of Transaction Level Models
    • Proposed a hierarchical verification method
    • Based on Bounded Model Checking, Abstraction & Refinements Methodology and SMT Solver
    • Future work: heuristic modeling and improvements on SMT solving

  • 2008.05-2008.09: Random Stimulus Generation
    • Coworked with another student in designing even-distributed random stimulus generation algorithm
    • Proposed an evaluation method to measure evenness of stimulus
    • Proposed an efficient stimulus generation method based on XOR constraints and SAT Solving

  • 2007.09-2008.04: Circuit Generation
    • Generate RTL based Circuits as benchmarks for SAT Solvers
    • Aimed at generating hard cases in order to evaluate performance of SAT solvers
    • Based on CSP hard cases generation algorithm and fractal geometry



  • 9/2007-present: M.E Candidate on Computer Science & Technology,Tsinghua University
    GPA: 90.5/100 (top 5%) Major: 92.1/100 Rank in Dept: 7/151

    Relevant Coursework: Design Automation for Digital Systems(90), Introduction to VLSI Design (93), Algorithms and Its Complexity Theory(99), Combinatorics(91), Advanced Computer Architecture(96), Computer Network Architecture(96), etc.

  • 9/2002-7/2006: B.E on Computer Science & Technology, North China Electric Power University


  • 2008-2009 Kwang-Hua Scholarship
  • May,2009 Cadence Scholoarship
  • 2007-2008 Third-Class Scholarship of Tsinghua University
  • 2002-2003 Third-Class Scholarship of North China Electric Power University


  • Technical Skills
    • Platforms: Linux, MAC OS X, Windows
    • Programming: Proficient in C/C++, Python and Unix Shell scripts; experienced with Java, Assembly, Pascal, HTML and PHP, etc

  • Language
    • CET6 & English Proficiency Test (II) of Tsinghua University
    • TOEFL (104)
    • GRE (580+800+4.5)


  • Projects:
    • Contributed to many Open-Source projects: CEDET, ECB, Ulipad, PCmanx, AMX MOD X, etc
    • ITG Engine [1] (an intelligent transactions generator dedicated in testing and verification)
    • JEDAcc [1] (Code Coverage Tool) & JEDAdc[1] (Data Coverage Tool)
    • Tweather (weather reporter for twitter with emoji! support, try following @weather_BJ)
    • No1 Chinese Food ( a website by team work )
    • Bread Talk ( an instant messenger for LAN)
    • Countdown for Specified Events( a plugin for Counter-Strike)
    • AMX MOD X, (plugins programmer & translator)
    • CHM-DT, (a Chinese branch of AMXX , plugins developer& translator)
    • Stupy, (a game written in Assembly Language)
    • Several small tools hosted on Google Code
    • [1] coworked with JEDA Technologies

  • Activities
  • Interests
    • Explore and write interesting apps
    • Reading & Chinese Classic Music
    • Esports (we owned a CS team when undergraduate)& Fencing