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2010 IEEE International Conference on
Field-Programmable Technology (FPT)

Beijing, China
December 08-10, 2010

Conference Banquet

The conference banquet will be held in the evening of Thursday, December 9, 2010. All registrants of the conference are entitled to attend. Additional banquet tickets are also available.

Place: Quanjude Restaurant, outside the East Gate of Tsinghua University


After the conference, we can go outside the Main Building. Then go strait to the south and out of the East Gate of Tsinghua. Turn right at the crossroad (Chengfu Rd), and Quanjude Restaurant will be there. The distance is about 10 min walk. We will arrange some students to guide to the banquet target.

The details can be found on this map.

Famous Quanjude Restaurant (全聚德烤鸭店)

Quanjude is a famous Chinese restaurant known for its trademark Quanjude Peking Roast Duck and its longstanding culinary heritage since its establishment in 1864 in Beijing, China. We can see the details in Wikipedia.

Quanjude was established in 1864 during the Qing Dynasty under the reign of the Tongzhi Emperor. Although Peking roast duck can be traced back to the Yuan Dynasty (1206 - 1368), Quanjude's heritage of roast duck preparation - using open ovens and non-smoky hardwood fuel such as Chinese date, peach, or pear to add a subtle fruity flavor with a golden crisp to the skin - was originally reserved for the imperial families.

Once, when Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai was hosting important foreign guests at Quanjude, one of the guests asked, “What does Quanjude mean?” Premier Zhou answered with a smile, “Quan (全) means perfection without a flaw, Ju (聚) means gathering without departing, and De (德) means virtues to be supreme.” Therefore, Quanjude together implies perfection, union, and benevolence.