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2010 IEEE International Conference on
Field-Programmable Technology (FPT)


Beijing, China
December 8-10, 2010

Travel Information for Participants

*** Campus Map of the Tsinghua University ***

Getting to Beijing

Beijing is a major air-hub and many airlines stop by Beijing's Beijing International Airport.

From the Airport to Tsinghua University

The easiest way is to take a taxi from the airport to Tsinghua University. Any taxi driver will know where it is. It should cost around RMB¥100 (about US$15). Taxis accept Chinese RMB ONLY. So please change some local currencies before coming to China.

Taxi is most convenient. If you are taking the subway, please see the map for details. You can first take Airport Line, transfer to Line 13 at Dongzhimen, get out at Wudaokou station (五道口站) which is near to the East Gate of Tsinghua University. Or transfer as follows: Line 2 -> Line 13; or Line 10 -> Line 13....

In addition, you can also take the Airport Shuttle. It may cost about RMB ¥20 (about US$3). You can take Line 5 Shuttle, and get down at the end station "Baofusi (保福寺桥)", which is near to the East Gate of Tsinghua University. The details can be found here.

Route Guide Card

You can download and print those guide card. The details are on this web.

Public Transport

Subway: There are 5 subway lines in Beijing: Line 1, Line 2, Line 4, Line 8, Line 10, Line 13. Other lines may open later. Please see the map. The cost is very cheap, RMB 2 (about $0.3).

Bus: The bus are also convinieant. You can take many lines near Tsinghua University, please see the details here. All bus lines in Beijing can be found here.

Tour Information

For more details, you can connect the following websites:

China International Travel Service Beijing: http://www.citsbj.com/english/index.htm

China Tourism: http://www.cnta.gov.cn/lyen/index.asp

Digital Beijing: http://www.digitalbeijing.gov.cn/English/default.asp?destgeoset=bj

Maps of Tsinghua: http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn/eng/campuslife/index.htm