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Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be 20 minutes in length, made up of a 15 minute talk plus 5 minutes of questions. A warning bell will sound at 10 minutes, and the Session Chair will ask you to vacate the floor at 20 minutes.

A computer (with recent versions of Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader) and data projector are available for presentations. Internet access should be available, but this should not be relied upon. Presentations should preferably be brought to the conference on USB flash disk or on the presenter's own laptop computer (less preferred).

Presenters should meet with their Session Chair and must load their presentation onto the supplied computer (or ensure their computer works with the supplied data projector) in the break just before their session.

Poster Presentations

Poster presenters should bring their posters with them to the conference. Posters are limited in size to 2 metres (high) by 1 metre (wide). This will accommodate A0 (46.8inches x 33.1inches, 118.9cm x 84.1cm) size in portrait format or A1 size in landscape format.

Posters may be attached to poster boards using supplied pins or adhesive. On the day of their poster presentation, presenters should ensure their poster is displayed on a designated poster board by the beginning of morning tea. Presenters are required to be near their poster during the morning tea poster session. Posters may remain displayed until the end of the day's sessions.

Session Chairs

Presenter's biographies will be available for collection from the Registration Desk each morning. Please meet with the speakers in the break before your session and ensure they stick to the time limit for their talk.


Access to the Demo room (The third meeting room, Jinchunyuan Hotel) for set up will be available from 5:00 pm on Wednesday 8 December. Access to store equipment can be provided from 5:00-7:00 pm on Wednesday 8 December.